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General and Technical Translations
English ↔ Dutch

To get a good picture of the documents that have to be translated and to be able to bring out a well-founded quotation, you need to send us (part of) the documents to be translated. You can rely on Brocado that we will always treat your documents with the greatest care and the strictest confidentiality. We need them to be able to make an estimate of delivery time, used terminology and difficulty level. After analysis of the package to be translated, we will send you a quotation. After you have agreed to the price and the delivery date, Brocado starts working and you will receive the translation garantueed within the agreed upon delivery time. If you don't agree, we will remove the documents from our system within one month. In case you come back to us after this period, with the same files, you will have to supply them again. This way we prevent that copies of your files are stored in places where you don't want them to be. So, in steps it looks like this:

Step 1 - Contact us: send an e-mail or call us

You contact us and send us an e-mail with mention of your wishes and the documents that have to be translated. For an assignment that has to be finished on short term or in case you have additional questions or remarks, it can be useful to first give us a call. We can process many file formats, including:

  • MS Word documents (.doc)
  • MS Excel worksheets (.xls)
  • MS Powerpoint presentations (.ppt)
  • Text files (.txt)
  • Web documents (.htm)

If you have another file format then there's a big chance that we can translate that too, but please contact us to know for sure.

Step 2 - Evaluate quotation

Generally you will receive a quotation from Brocado Vertalingen within a few hours, so mostly the same working day. If you agree with the quote, Brocado can start working with your documents the same day!

Step 3 - Delivery and Payment

Brocado Vertalingen will deliver the translated documents on or before the agreed upon delivery date. Even after delivering the translations, Brocado will be there for you in case you have some corrections or changes to the final text. What's important is that you are satisfied with the delivered work. You will receive an invoice within a week. When you regularly assign jobs to us, payment can also be accumulated per month. That saves a lot of paperwork.