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General and Technical Translations
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Standard rates

In the table below you can find our standard rates. Use them as a guideline. The final price is depending on workload, deadline, type of text, and so on. It's always a good idea to ask for a quotation.

per word  0,11
hourly rate  33,-

We offer a discount for repetitions in your texts.


A text that is to be translated always contains 'new' words and repetitions of words and pieces of text. The repetitions can be processed faster, so for this we can offer a discount.

Sometimes a cost calculation based on word rate is not realistic, for example in case of a list of technical terms without context. In those cases the hourly rate will be used. We will state this clearly in the quotation.

All prices excl. VAT.

Capacity and Delivery times

The table below gives you an indication of the translation capacity of Brocado. By combining the data from the table with the number of words in your text, you can already get an estimate of the delivery time. Just remember that the table indicates the maximum translation capacity, and that the eventual delivery time may be longer depending on actual busyness. Therefore, just contact us and everything will become clear straight away.

Day Capacity
Saturday / Sunday
2000 words
2000 words
2000 words
2000 words
2000 words
  500 words