Brocado Vertalingen
General and Technical Translations
English ↔ Dutch

Brocado is a small translation agency that I founded in 2008. I am a freelance technical translator. The material I translate is mainly comprised of manuals, training material, brochures and web content, but in fact all forms of documentation are welcome. I use professional translation software and can process many file formats. The texts often are "technical", all sorts of products and machines come by, from domestic devices to industrial installations. However, non-technical texts are welcome as well. When I started out, I primarily focussed on translating from English to Dutch (my mothertongue), but by now I also translate from Dutch to English.

After my Bachelor degree in Technical Physics I have worked for several companies in different functions, among which are Research & Development Engineer, Technical Trainer and physics teacher. If you realize that a translator with technical experience generally delivers better quality when it comes to technical translations than a non-technical translator, you'll understand that you have come to the right place. At Brocado, 16 years of technical experience from industry and education and another 6 years in translating is available.

The name Brocado is derived from Paul Broca, a French doctor who in 1861 discovered the area of the brain where the centre of speech is located. Further, brocado is the original form of the Dutch word brokaat, meaning silk fabric with golden print.

Brocado uses professional translation software (Trados Studio 2014) and is Verified Member of Used reference works:

  • Large Polytechnical Dictionary English - Dutch, edition 2008
  • Large Polytechnical Dictionary Dutch - English, edition 2008
  • Van Dale Large Dictionary English - Dutch, edition 1999
  • Van Dale Large Dictionary Dutch - English, edition 1999
  • Van Dale Large Dictionary of the Dutch language, edition 2005
  • Standard Lexicon of the official Dutch Language, edition 2005
  • Van Dale Large Image Dictionary Dutch/French/English, edition 2005
  • Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (English) 7th Edition 2005
  • A collection of textbooks mainly in the field of Technical Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.